Ganesha/Barong Double-Sided Statue


A rare two-sided statue from Bali. On one side is Ganesha, the famous god of wealth, and on the other side is Barong, a Balinese mythological creature that fights against evil. Particularly, this eerie expression on Baron’s face is a masterpiece.

You can get both good luck and protection in just one statue!

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Wealth, business success, happiness, and everything else – plus protection.

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Where you decided as an altar in your everyday living.

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Ganesha is worshipped as the god of wealth, as well as the god of removing obstacles, the patron god of arts and sciences and the deva of intelligence and wisdom. Barong is a sacred beast in the form of a lion in Balinese mythology, believed to have the power to prevent all kinds of disasters.
Dimensions 87mm(h) × 68mm(w) × 47mm(d)
Weight 200g~240g
Material Brass
Product of Origin Bali, Indonesia