Three Wise Cats


For all the cat lovers! Here is the cat version of the Three Wise Monkeys.
This set of three brass cats arrived from Bali. Each cat is a nice weight that fits comfortably in your hand.

Your life will be better if you follow the three simple rules of “see no evil” “say no evil” and “hear no evil” throughout your daily life. Imagine a life where you only see beautiful things, have positive conversations and listen to beautiful stories and sounds – what if everyone around you followed these rules?

Buy this cute statue set and put it into action!

Improve life by following the three simple rules. Luck of money, luck in business and good fortune (power of the cat as a feng shui animal).

Where to place
Follow your instinct. Place them somewhere you can always see, a place that you think is special, such as an altar that you have created yourself.

Made in Bali, Indonesia.

Material: Brass
Dimensions (single cat): 75mm(h) × 35mm(w)
Weight: 330g

In stock

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