Ganesha/Garuda Double-Sided Statue


A rare two-sided statue from Bali. On one side is Ganesha, the famous god of wealth, and on the other side is Garuda, a spiritual bird that defeats the evil snakes.

This Ganesha is a powerful version with three faces. Connected back-to-back with a bird-man and with four arms, this almost demonic figure is unlikely to attract any bad luck.

You can get both good luck and protection in just one statue.

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Wealth, business success, happiness, and everything else – plus protection.

Where to place

Where you decided as an altar in your everyday living. Also suitable for carrying around.

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Ganesha is worshipped as the god of wealth, as well as the god of removing obstacles, the patron god of arts and sciences and the deva of intelligence and wisdom.
Garuda is a half-human, half-bird super creature. It glows like a flame and emits a searing heat. A symbol of strength, courage and purity and is worshipped across religions and regions as a guardian deity against evil.

Dimensions 87mm(h) × 37mm(w) × 35mm(d)
Weight 100g
Material Brass
Product of Origin Bali, Indonesia