Three Feng Shui Coins


The auspicious symbol of the square inside of a circle on the feng shui coin is said to be a depiction of heaven surrounding the earth. When we use them, it forms the harmony of the “Heaven-Earth-Man” or “Tien Di Ren” luck. There is both a yin side and a yang side on each coin which creates a harmonious balance of energy.

Carry these coins in your wallet or pocket. If you have a business you could place them by the cash register, by the safe, on the inside of your front door, with your financial documents, near the phone, or any other place that has some importance to you and your business.

Placing the west side of the building for the best result.
Can be combined with Guan Yu, Dragon turtle or Money Toad to more power.

Replica Coin. Coin diameter approximately 2.5cm.

*Please note, design may be subject to slight change

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