Lucky Budai


The way he dresses, the things he carries, his build, his attitude, his hairstyle, his earlobes, and lastly the way he laughs — all these factors taken together make it hard to believe that happiness and wealth are not associated with him.

Fits into the palm of your hand nicely. It would be fun to put a tiny particle of gems or gold in the little bowl he’s holding. “Good luck comes to those who laugh.” Keep Budai close to you and have a happy day.

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Luck in money and wealth, laughter and happiness. The guardian of children and the god of fame.

Where to place

Where his laughing face is always visible.

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Budai was a legendary Chinese Buddhist monk. When the legend spread across the ocean, he became one of the Seven Lucky Gods known as “Hotei” in Japan. The Seven Lucky Gods are a super team of gods of good fortune that are a mixture of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Shintoism gods with a Japanese twist.
Dimensions 50mm(h) × 50mm(w) × 45mm(d)
Weight 85g
Material Brass
Product of Origin Bali, Indonesia