White Sage Smudging Kit


A great starter kit for Smudging. Includes a white sage stick, an abalone shell and a cobra stand.

The combination of herb, seashell and wood create a special atmosphere. When the scent of sage smoke is added to this, you will feel good.

This ancient American continental culture origin ritual still makes you feel something, somewhere inside your cell today.

White sage is also a natural insect repellent. Ideal for camping, barbecues and outdoor living areas.

With this kit, cleanse your spirit and surroundings while avoiding bugs at the same time.

Kit Includes:
1 × White Sage Stick – Small (USA)
1 × Abalone Shell (New Zealand)
1 × Cobra Stand – Medium (India)
1 × Pouch *Pouch may differ from the photoes.

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How to smudge: Using a lighter, light the tip of the sage and blow out the flame once it starts to smoke. Move the smudge stick in circular motions and allow the smoke to rise. Once you finish smudging the area of your choice open up all the doors and windows to allow the smoke and negative energy to be carried away by the wind. During this process, use the abalone shell to catch any falling ash.