Turkish Mosaic Lamp Swan Neck B


Enjoy a relaxing evening with the very popular Turkish mosaic lamp. It will light up your room in 360 degrees with a very atmospheric light.

This style of lamp can now be found as a souvenir in Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, India and other countries, but this one is made in China and is reasonably priced. Are they all the same when you turn off the lights? The rest is up to your imagination.

The bottom is lined with a soft urethane sponge, ensuring it won’t scratch the surface it is placed on. For those seeking luxury and a more exotic atmosphere, this swan neck model is the perfect choice.

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More Information

Dimensions 380mm(h) x 115mm(w) x 190mm(d) Lamp Ø=120mm
Weight 1060g
Includes 1x Lamp bulb
Other Assembly required.

As these items are handmade, there may be slight individual differences in colour and design.

Product of Origin China