Balinese Naga Dragon Umbul-umbul (3m)


The Naga, a traditional Balinese guardian deity, protects your home from evil spirits.

Length: 300cm
Width (Bottom): 33cm

Note: Flag pole is not included.
*Umbul-umbul pole is available in our physical shop.
*If you are far from us, try making it with a bamboo stake (2.4m) and a tie wire (2.5mm+ thick/galvanised). Here’s how.

  1. Cut the tie wire to 60cm. This will be the curvy part on the top.
  2. Stick it to the end of the bamboo stake.
  3. Adjust the wire to the right curve.
  4. Bend the end of the wire into a 1cm loop so that the tip of the wire does not break through the flag.

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