Ring Size Chart

Determine your ring size by using this chart. Please keep in mind that sizing of some rings may differ slightly depending on their style.

New Zealand (UK, AU)US & CanadaInner diameter (mm) Inner Circumference (mm)
A½ 12.04 mm37.8 mm
¾12.24 mm 38.5 mm
B112.45 mm 39.1 mm
12.65 mm39.7 mm
C12.85 mm40.4 mm
13.06 mm41 mm
D213.26 mm41.7 mm
13.46 mm42.3 mm
E13.67 mm42.9 mm
13.87 mm43.6 mm
F314.07 mm44.2 mm
14.27 mm44.8 mm
G14.48 mm45.5 mm
14.68 mm46.1 mm
H414.88 mm46.8 mm
15.09 mm47.4 mm
I15.29 mm48 mm
J15.49 mm48.7 mm
515.7 mm49.3 mm
K15.9 mm50 mm
16.1 mm50.6 mm
L16.31 mm51.2 mm
616.51 mm51.9 mm
M16.71 mm52.5 mm
16.92 mm53.1 mm
N17.12 mm53.8 mm
717.32 mm54.4 mm
O17.53 mm55.1 mm
17.73 mm55.7 mm
P17.93 mm56.3 mm
818.14 mm57 mm
Q18.34 mm57.6 mm
18.54 mm58.3 mm
R18.75 mm58.9 mm
918.95 mm59.5 mm
S19.15 mm60.2 mm
19.35 mm60.8 mm
T19.56 mm61.4 mm
1019.76 mm62.1 mm
U10¼19.96 mm62.7 mm
10½20.17 mm63.4 mm
V10¾20.37 mm64 mm
1120.57 mm64.6 mm
W11¼20.78 mm65.3 mm
11½20.98 mm65.9 mm
X11¾21.18 mm66.6 mm
1221.39 mm67.2 mm
Y12¼21.59 mm67.8 mm
Z12½21.79 mm68.5 mm
12¾22 mm69.1 mm