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Indian Cotton Cloth for Summer

Here comes the season for our “multi purpose” Indian cotton cloth!
The home of our cotton cloth is India(Jaipur), “the country of sunshine”.
That is the reason why the colours and patterns are even more stunning when they are used outside.

There are a lot of ways of using our Indian cotton cloth.

Spread it on your outdoor furniture for a BBQ party with your friends.
Take to the beach as a picnic mat.
Put it on your old sofa to make it looks fresh and pretty!
How about for covering up the dog damaged car seats? You can cover anything that you don’t want other people to see.

Use your imaginations and creativities!


They are hand printed with wooden blocks and hand dyed on the good quality cotton cloth.
Please come to our shop to touch them. We have a variety of colours and patterns.

Square (Suitable for the round tables)
100×100 $12
120×120 $16
150×150 $22
200×200 $38

Rectangular (Suitable for the rectangles tables and beds)
150×120 $18
180×130 $22
225×150 $31
250×190 $45
270×220 $52

*Bigger sizes are limited stock. Please hurry!