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Incense Sticks

Have you noticed the nice smell when you enter our shop? That is the scent of our Incense Sticks. Refresh your room with your favourite smell of incense. Even watching the movement of smoke takes all your stress away. Also, placing a few sticks in your car without lighting is a good idea. The scents will last for 1~2 weeks. incense_sticks If you have no idea which scents to choose, try the traditional flowery scents to start with. RoseJasmineLotusOpiumLavenderLily,  PatchouliMograGulab (rose)Ylang YlangFragranceFrankincense. Amber (ambergris) and Musk are well known as perfume. And if you would like to try something yummy, try VanillaCoconutVanilla Orange or Cinnamon Orange. Or, for clean green and refreshing air, try PineSageBalmint (peppermint)Aloe Vera or Cannabis. The holy wood scents Chandan, Sandal and Ambar Sandal will calm your tension down. Special blend scents Sea Breeze, Rain Forest, The Sun and Kaamasutra will stimulate your imagination. We chose Hem brand as our selection because of its nice and clear smell. Come and find your favourite scent. We also have a variety of Incense Holders –  Wood, Metal, Mirrored, Painted, Elephant, Camel, Tortoise… They make your atmosphere just perfect. incense_stands Last of all, please burn Incense Sticks only on hard, fireproof surfaces. Do not use near anything inflammable. Keep out of reach of children. Enjoy 🙂