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Give your old dining chairs new life.

Have your dining chairs become dirty over the years and not pretty like it used to be? Then, give your old chairs new life with our Indian Cotton Cloth! This is our 10 year old dining chair. It has been stained by 3 kids and chewed by a puppy…. badly. repair_01 Until now this chair’s life has been quite harsh living with 3 kids and a puppy. And after all those days, finally they have grown up. So it is time that the chair moved on to a new life! Refurbishing this chair is so easy and doesn’t cost you much!! Here’s how. The tools you will need are… repair_03 * Indian Cotton Cloth – size 2mx2m=enough for 6 chairs * Staple gun and staples * Scissors * Screwdriver Step One: Unscrew and remove the seat from the chair frame. repair_04 Step Two: Place the Indian Cotton Cloth on a seat and move the pattern around to your taste. – We Placed the border pattern on the front edge to look good. repair_05 Step Three: Staple the Indian Cotton Cloth to the seat board. repair_06 Step Four: Cut away the remaining cloth. repair_07 Step Five: Screw the seat back onto the frame of the chair and it’s done! repair_08 It took only a hour for all 6 chairs and just needed one 2m x 2m sized Cloth ($38) for all chairs. repair_09 It is very easy project that really paid off! There are various colours and sizes to choose from. Please come to our shop and get one you like for your old furniture. Click here to learn more about our Indian Cotton Cloth.