Surprise Flying Butterfly


An assorted set of 5 colourful flying butterflies. Wind up the wings and place the butterfly in a greeting card or book, whoever opens it next will get a funny surprise!

Dimensions: 14cm wingspan × 12cm height.
Materials: Paper, plastic, rubber band.

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How to use
  1. Hold the bottom end and rotate the top 30 times.
  2. Place in a book, greeting card or under an object.
  3. Release the butterfly and watch it fly.
Tips! Try these when they don’t fly well.
  1. Rotate the wings a few more times.
  2. Straighten out the wings.
  3. Slightly bend one of the top wings towards you. Bend the other one slightly away from you.
  4. For the best results, wind up the butterfly closer to the time you want it to fly.