Heron Bamboo Wind Chime Bali


This is a special wind chime from Bali. When the wind blows, the heron humorously moves its head up and down with the sound of the bamboo wind chime.

The herons are skillfully crafted from a variety of shapes of coconut shells and bamboo. The neck movement can be adjusted by moving the fulcrum of the balance bar.

The tune depends on the length of the bamboo sound stick. This is a 30cm long set with a lovely, slightly higher tuning.

Like this heron, the beak of the blue heron turns red during the spring breeding season. The sight of a heron pecking at food in a well-watered rice field will bring you peace of mind and good luck.


  • Hanging hook to wind catcher: 110cm
  • Coconut shell: 14cm (diameter)
  • Heron length: 30cm
  • Longest sound bar: 30cm

*Please note dimensions will vary due to natural materials/handmade.

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