Hammered Brass Singing Bowl S


The sound that reaches deep into your heart lasts for a long time. While the sound continues to vibrate, you can think about something or just listen with an empty mind.

Play the bowl in the morning, before or after meals, before bed, or at any other time that feels right for your day, and it will help you to adjust your state of mind or calm your mind before you start something new.

It can also be enjoyed as a musical instrument. Especially if you can make the singing bowl sing by tracing the rim of the bowl with a mallet, you’re a hero. However, once you know the trick, anyone can do it right away, so it’s only for a short time.

*The mallet in the photo is different from the one included. The included mallet is slightly shorter, at 150mm.

*The small Buddha in the photo is optional. Find your favourite good-fortune statue HERE to create your private little altar in your room.

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More Information

Product of OriginIndia
Dimensions Bowl: 70mm(h) x 125mm(dia)
Mallet: 150mm
Cushion: 150mm x 150mm
Weight 700g (Bowl)
Sound Sample

The tone varies depending on the individual bells.

Material Brass
Includes Singing Bowl, Mallet, Cushion