Crystal Tree Amethyst


Decorate your room with Feng Shui Crystal Bonsai (Crystal Tree) and let it pull your life to the positive side. The copper branch has the power of “Gold” and the crystal surrounding it gives you a certain energy. Gem grains are also scattered at the base of the tree.

The form of the tree also affects the atmosphere around you. Try to shape the tree according to your mood of the day: balanced, relaxed, calm, active, aggressive, passionate, etc.

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Amethyst Amethyst is believed to promote spiritual growth and inner peace. In Feng Shui, placing Amethyst in meditation spaces or areas is thought to support mental stability and growth. Amethyst also has effects and meanings of intuition and insight, spiritual cleansing and purification, sleep and relaxation. Placing Amethyst near the bed or in the bedroom helps to create a calming sleep environment. Copper Copper belongs to Gold in the five elements. The effects of copper include the introduction and diffusion of energy, activation of energy flow, a symbol of fortune and wealth, and purification of evil spirits. Dimensions: 8~10cm (h) x 5~8cm (w)