Buddha Holding a Water Jar


This Buddha has a jar of holy water on his lap. The detailing of the Buddha’s robes is distinctive. It is because of the slightly comical and carelessly constructed design that you endear yourself to it. For a family heirloom.

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Reminds you of the good in your heart when the hustle and bustle of everyday life make you forget something important.

Where to place

Where you feel calm, a place where you can be yourself or you may even create a special altar for yourself. where the family gathers like the living room. It can be anywhere.

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This Buddha’s right-hand gesture shows you ‘to receive people’s wishes’. And the holy water in the jar that fulfils people’s wishes will never run out no matter how much they use it.

Dimensions 90mm(h) x 58mm(w) x 48mm(d)
Weight 190g
Material Brass
Product of Origin Bali, Indonesia